Alzheimer Patient's Four Caregivers All Like The TITAN 500​​​​​​​

We are happy with Dad’s lift. It is working really well. I spoke to my step-mother this morning, and she said they are getting him up for all three meals. My brother and I installed it last Saturday in about an hour. The instructions were clear. The frame is heavy duty and takes two people-one to hold it in position while the other person does the bolts.

Because of the severity of Dad’s Alzheimer’s, he sometimes gets afraid, and we were concerned that a lift would scare him. We had decided against an electric Hoyer type because of this, and because of concern that it wouldn’t lift him high enough. But we did not like the thought of him not being able to get up at all-and he wanted to, and did not want him to atrophy in bed. He had been in bed for three weeks without anyone being able to get him into his wheelchair, and he had fallen several times when they tried to get him up requiring calls to EMT.

The lift is smooth, quiet, and very stable. The sling material slides so it can be pulled into position fairly easy. We tried it on ourselves first to make sure we had everything right and that it would actually hold us with no problem. It was EASY.

So now the caretaker is able to get him up and into his wheelchair by herself with no problem. We have four different people who alternate taking care of him, and they all like it. So we are all very happy.

Thanks very much,


TITAN 500 Makes Life Easier For Patient And Caregiver​​​​​​​

The lift has made it possible for me to get my husband out of bed and into an electric chair to be transported to various functions. We have a shower girl that comes in to shower him once a week and it has made her life easier with the lift. We purchased 2 slings so one stays on the rolling shower chair and a dry one be available at all times. We are so pleased that we will eventually probably purchase another one for our summer home.

Karen S.

TITAN 500 Works Flawlessly For Husband And Wife

My Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I’m happy to say that the hoist I obtained from Traxx did its job flawlessly. It transported my wife with great ease and comfort to and from her hospital bed and wheelchair with ease and safety. My wife, who is a fraidy-cat felt very safe and at ease. Thank you for letting me use your great conveyance.

Most sincerely on behalf of my wife Elpidia,

Jimmy T.

TITAN 500 Removes The Stress And Fear Associated With Hoyer-Type Floor-Based Patient Lifts

I wanted to take a few moments to thank you in writing for your efforts with my dad. As you know I made the decision a little ways back to get some sort of lift for him. I first went to Binson’s to check out their floor-based ‘Hoyer lift’ and decided in less than 5 minutes that the hydraulic version would not be good enough for my dad-it didn’t appear to be safe enough. I then contacted you again and began to explore your Traxx Mobility lift in greater depth.

I checked out the videos on your website.

The more I looked at it the more I became convinced that your lift was exactly what we needed!

We have had our lift a little over a month now and my opinion has not changed in the slightest. It is everything you said it would be and more. It is very easy to use, requires no physical work and I know my dad is comfortable when we move him. I hear it from his lips and I can see it in his eyes. We were moving him manually before and there was stress for all involved. That stress is gone, gone, gone…!!!

I needed the lift delivered and installed by a certain date and Traxx Mobility Systems made it happen for us. Your customer service gets a grade of ‘A+” from me, for sure, especially your installer-he was wonderful!


Very Truly Yours,

John C.