Will Medicare or Medicaid cover the cost of the lift?

Traxx Mobility Systems is not enrolled in Medicare so they will not cover the cost of the lift.

We have priced the Titan 500 very competitively and the cost of the lift can be less than a short stay in a nursing home. Medicare typically covers a manual Hoyer lift which can be very difficult and unsafe to use in the home. They can require two caregivers to operate safely and need access to the space under the bed plus extra space to maneuver in the typical bedroom.

Is the Titan 500 covered by my insurance?

You will have to contact your insurance company to see if they will cover or reimburse the cost the Titan 500. We are happy to assist in any way we can but you will need to start the process. We have found that some private insurance companies will cover the cost of the lift under certain circumstances. A doctor's prescription for a patient lift is often the first step in the process.